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M. Bo

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About me

Attorney M. Bo Hillebrand

Welcome to your specialised law boutique. I offer you excellent and specialised legal advice with tailor-made solutions in the areas of e-cigarette law, food law, trademark law and cosmetics law. My expertise and personal support guarantee you fast and effective assistance with your legal concerns. You can rely on quality and personalised advice - I am always there for you personally! 

Legal Opinion for PayPal

As an online retailer for e-cigarettes and refill containers, PayPal requires a legal opinion from you. I will be happy to assist you.

My specialised legal advice is of course in particular demand nationwide. But as a lawyer, I am also your competent contact locally, especially in selected legal matters.


Particular specialisation for your success


E-cigarettes/refill containers

I have been advising market-leading providers of electronic cigarettes and refill containers since 2017. As a lawyer, I have obtained ground-breaking decisions from German courts on the German Tobacco Products Act (TabakerzG). Benefit from my experience and my specialised knowledge of electronic cigarette law. I am your experienced expert for your competition law, administrative law, tobacco tax law or criminal law questions relating to e-cigarettes! I can also help you if you need an expert opinion for PayPal. 



As an experienced lawyer in food law, I offer you sound expertise.Among other things, I support you in complying with legal regulations, designing legally compliant labelling and advertising. With comprehensive knowledge and precise advice, I will help you to overcome legal hurdles and successfully launch your product on the market. You can rely on my expertise to optimally represent your interests in complex food law. I am at your side in all food law matters. From competition law and administrative law to criminal food law, I am your experienced expert. 


Trademark law

Trademarks that are used provide protection for an unlimited period of time. This makes trade marks a cornerstone of sustainable economic success.In the field of trade mark law, I offer you comprehensive support to protect and successfully position your trade mark. From the application to the enforcement of your trademark rights, I am at your side with strategic advice and sound expertise. Together, we will develop tailor-made solutions to protect your brand from legal attacks and maximise its value. You can rely on my many years of experience to protect your trade mark interests effectively and sustainably. 


Cosmetic products

With many years of experience in the law of cosmetic products, I offer you specialised legal advice. I support you in complying with legal regulations and designing legally compliant labelling. My comprehensive expertise will help you to overcome legal challenges and successfully launch your cosmetic products on the market. You can rely on my experience to represent your interests in the field of cosmetic products.

On site for you

I specialise in advising commercial enterprises operating nationwide and start-up companies in the fields of electronic cigarettes, food and cosmetics. My specialisation in food law is also aimed at advising food entrepreneurs, such as restaurant operators or manufacturers as well as market vendors. If you have another legal concern, I will be happy to listen to it - at no cost to you - and discuss with you whether I can take on the mandate or recommend a lawyer with the appropriate specialisation. The following is important to me:

Customised solution for your legal concerns

My law firm is a boutique law firm.This means that I stand for specialised and tailor-made legal advice with a clear focus on the legal areas of tobacco law, including electronic cigarettes, food law and cosmetics law. However, I also advise on other areas of law in individual cases. I am always committed to personally attending to your concerns and familiarising myself deeply with each case. 

I am always there for you personally

In my law firm, you as a client are the centre of attention. I look after your case personally and am always - without detours - your contact person. 

Clarity and trust

In addition to specialisation and personal commitment, clarity and trust are two of the cornerstones of legal advice at my law firm. My aim is always to ensure that you can make every decision with a good feeling and full understanding. Trust is created through reliability and commitment. You can rely on the fact that your interests will always take centre stage.


Attorney M. Bo Hillebrand

Lange Straße 75

24399 Arnis

04642 9251675

If you wish to communicate with me in encrypted form, please let me know by e-mail or telephone.

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Get in touch with me!

Attorney M. Bo Hillebrand

You can reach me at any time:

Call me anytime at +49(0)4642/9251675 or send me an email at
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