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Food law

Food law is a broad field. I have been representing food companies since 2012 and am your competent point of contact, whether you are a manufacturer, retailer or restaurateur. 

Hygiene regulations in the catering sector

A clean and safe working environment is the be-all and end-all in any restaurant. I can provide you with comprehensive advice on the applicable hygiene regulations and help you to fulfil the legal requirements. This will not only protect your guests, but also your good reputation.

Food safety and controls

Regular inspections by the food inspection authorities are essential. I will prepare you optimally for upcoming inspections and support you in the event of complaints. My expertise ensures that your operational processes are safe and in compliance with the law.

Food criminal law

Criminal proceedings can often result from a complaint, particularly in terms of hygiene. I will support you competently and - of course - while maintaining confidentiality. 

Food labelling

Correct food labelling is crucial to creating transparency and trust with your customers. I will help you to correctly implement the complex requirements for labelling, allergen labelling and nutritional information. Avoid legal pitfalls and ensure compliance with all regulations.


Food advertising is strictly regulated, especially when it comes to health or nutritional claims. I can help you with legally compliant advertising for your food. 

Conception of Food Supplements and FSMP

I am your competent partner right from the conception phase of your new development in the areas of nutritional supplements (NEM) or foods for special medical purposes (FSMP).  Benefit from my many years of experience in reviewing product concepts and corresponding advertising campaigns. 

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